FONDECYT 2014 Postdoctoral Funding Competition
FONDECYT 2014 Postdoctoral Funding Competition

FONDECYT 2014 Postdoctoral Funding Competition

FONDECYT 2014 Postdoctoral Funding Competition The National Fund for Scientific and Technological Research (FONDECYT), created as an instrument to promote scientific and technological development in Chile, invites recent Ph.D. graduates to submit proposals to the FONDECYT 2014 Postdoctoral Funding Competition. FONDECYT grants exclusively fund scientific and technological research initiatives that lead to new knowledge or applications foreseen through the working hypotheses stated in the proposals. The aim of this competition is to stimulate productivity and future scientific leadership of young researchers(as) with Doctorate degree, by conducting research projects aimed at their future employment in academic or other environments, through inclusion in consolidated research groups that contribute to his(her) scientific development and that, in turn, will be strengthened by their participation. Research must be conducted in Chile, by Chilean or foreign researchers who commit themselves to remain in the country from the 1 October 2013 -starting date of the project- until the end of its period of execution. Proposals must be submitted by an applicant and sponsored by a researcher and a Sponsoring Institution, which may be a university or some other type of institution. The projects will last 2 or 3 years and the Principal Investigator must engage full-time to the research work. The aspects that are scored in the evaluation process are: Quality of the proposal, Productivity of Principal Investigator, Recommendation Letters and Productivity of the Sponsoring Researcher. The English-language application is optional for projects submitted in all areas or disciplines. For further information please read thoroughly the terms and regulations of the competition. Submissions deadline: May 15th, 2013, 4:00 PM Chile local time. Rules and Instructions: Contact: National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (FONDECYT) BBernarda MorĂ­n 551, Providencia – P.O Box 297-V Santiago, Chile

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FONDECYT 2014 Postdoctoral Funding Competition FONDECYT 2014 Postdoctoral Funding Competition